Vein Disease and DVT/Blood Clots

I’m often asked about the relationship between vein disease and blood clots. People with vein disease, or venous reflux disease, in the legs have an increased risk for developing both superficial and deep vein blood clots. The superficial blood clots (SVT) are usually not as worrisome as the deep vein clots (DVT), but all must be taken seriously.

A clot that develops in a vein that carries blood directly back toward the heart is of greatest concern. Therefore, a clot in any vein in the deep system in the legs is cause for concern. These clots can travel directly to the right side of the heart and then directly to the lungs, which is called a pulmonary embolism. This makes it difficult for the lungs to get oxygen to the blood and a person could die. In rare circumstances, a blood clot in the deep venous system can cause a stroke. This can occur if the person with the blood clot has a small hole in their heart connecting the right side of the heart with the left. This hole can allow the blood clot to enter the left side of the heart and access the arterial system. In this case, as stroke can occur. This is called a paradoxical embolus. Because this situation is extremely rare, it is often confusing to doctors.

Superficial vein thrombosis (SVT) is not as concerning as DVT but needs to be taken seriously. Peole with DVT should be treated with blood thinner for a specified period. Likewise, there are certain situations in which SVT should be treated with blood thinners. Under these circumstances, most doctors choose to get surgeon who specializes in treating vein disease involved because definitive treatment of vein disease is indicated. The Vein Guys can treat patients for venous reflux disease. The Vein Guys use the Venefit procedure to eliminate the problem. Venefit is performed in the office in less than 15 minutes without pain, and allows patients to resume activity right away. Let The Vein Guys help diagnose and treat your simple and complex vein problems so that you can have Better Legs for a Better Life.