Care and Service


The Vein Guys™ Vision

With over 13 years and over 26,000 procedures worth of experience, Vein Guys is committed to the highest quality care and service. Our vision is to get our patients back on their feet so they can get back to the things that matter most to them, making every step count. With our help patients from 17 different states have discovered they don’t have to live with leg pain or unsightly, unhealthy varicose and spider veins. We combine our surgical expertise with leading-edge technology and minimally invasive procedures to treat vein disease, reduce leg pain, and give our patients a higher quality of life than they ever thought possible.

The Highest Standard of Patient Care

Ranked #1 in customer service, The Vein Guys™ uphold the highest quality standards in vein care and the practice of medicine and surgery. Ensuring a positive patient experience is important to us, which is why we only hire the friendliest and most qualified doctors and staff. We want our patients to feel they are in the best possible hands. For example, The Vein Guys™ do not reprocess catheters or use reprocessed catheters like others vein care practices, clinics, and institutes sometimes do. The Vein Guys™ provide state-of-the-art vein treatments and professional compassionate care.

Our board certified physicians perform all of our vein procedures. Certified Registered Vascular Technologists perform all vein scanning in the office and Certified Nurse Anesthesists are utilized to ensure patient comfort during most of our minimally invasive in-office procedures. Surgery and minimally invasive vein procedures are never routine, no matter how many thousands of times we have performed them. We know our patients place a great deal of trust and confidence in us, which is why we always begin with a complete evaluation before agreeing to perform a procedure. We review your medical history, current health and expectations of any cosmetic or functional vein procedure before treatment begins. After thorough discussion and a complete diagnostic evaluation, we will offer a custom, comprehensive treatment plan that best meets your specific needs. View our Treatment Process for more information on The Vein Guys™’ approach to vein care.

Multiple Locations

We have offices located in Georgia and Tennessee.   The Vein Guys™  offer the most recent advancements in the treatment of varicose veins, spider veins and leg pain.

At all of our offices patients benefit from sophisticated and advanced vein technologies that have radically revolutionized care for vein disease. Venous reflux disease, chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins and spider veins are issues commonly remedied at The Vein Guys™.

Our History

Our Founder, Dr. Steven M. Roth

drRothHistory2The Vein Guys™ practice was established in Augusta, Georgia by Dr. Steven M. Roth in 2004. Both fellowship-trained and Board Certified in Vascular Surgery, he received his M.D. from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Virginia and completed his General Surgery residency program in Norfolk. He was appointed into the post-graduate Vascular Surgery Fellowship training program at the University of South Florida.

Dr. Roth’s passion for helping others was evident throughout his career as he cared for countless patients suffering from vascular disease. He began focusing on vein disease after learning about the minimally invasive technology known as Venefit. “I realized this could really make a difference in people’s lives,” he said. The Venefit procedure provides a significant level of immediate relief, allowing patients to get back to their lives. By becoming an expert in the Venefit procedure, Dr. Roth was able to help his patients return to their active lives and the people they loved.

Exemplary Care Leads to Expansion

Dr. Roth believed each community could benefit from the premium care provided by his staff. His dream involved bringing the expertise of The Vein Guys™ to multiple locations so more people affected by vein disease could receive the care they deserved. What began as one office in Evans, GA evolved into multiple practices across the Southeast, including Nashville. “Hiring the best and training the best is what creates a good center,” he said. By bringing together the brightest, most passionate minds, Dr. Roth created a tightly knit community of vein care practices dedicated to delivering exemplary care and unparalleled service.

A Community United

On February 20th, 2013, Dr. Roth and four of Vein Guys team members died in a plane crash returning from the Nashville office. Those lost were near and dear to our hearts. They weren’t just colleagues. They were friends. Family. Mentors. Our lives were forever enriched by their presence, both professionally and personally.

While they may be gone, their caring for those in need lives on. Helping our patients isn’t just business; it’s our passion – a belief instilled into every fiber of the Vein Guys™’ mission by our beloved employees, both past and present.