Yes. Recent studies show that the Venefit™ procedure (formerly called the VNUS Closure™ procedure) out-performs both EVLA and traditional vein stripping. The Venefit™ procedure has been shown to have fewer side effects and post-procedure complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pain, bruising and skin burns. The Venefit™ procedure is considered the gold standard for vein removal, and is faster and has a higher success rate than laser treatment.

Venefit™ and EVLA both use heat to close the diseased vein. The difference is in the heat and the heat source. EVLA uses laser energy at 700° C, perforating and destroying the vein walls and boiling the blood inside the vessel. Venefit™ uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy at 120° C to shrink and collapse the vein. The outcome of radiofrequency ablation is more predictable than laser because the heat source is monitored by the generator, a certified registered vascular technician and the surgeon. The risk of complications is significantly reduced with Venefit™.

Dr. Steven Roth has first-hand experience with both procedures and has written a nationally recognized paper published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery highlighting his work and research on the differences between the Venefit™ Procedure (formerly called the VNUS Closure™ procedure) and Laser Closure procedures.

Category: Treatment for Vein Disease

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