Most insurance companies and Medicare recognize vein disease as a legitimate, covered medical expense and will cover the cost of vein treatment after a period of conservative management. If you are experiencing any symptoms of vein disease it is worth finding out if your insurance provider will cover the cost of treatment.

The Vein Guys™ will provide a consultation and an in-office venous ultrasound test. If you test positive for vein disease, Medicare and most insurance companies will cover the cost of the consultation, venous reflux test and varicose vein treatments. However, most insurance companies require a 6-week to 3-month period of ‚Äúconservative management‚ÄĚ before the Venefit™ Procedure (formerly called the VNUS Closure™ procedure) can be scheduled. We will work with you to develop a conservative management plan which may include elevating your legs, minimizing prolonged periods of standing or sitting and wearing compression stockings.

The Vein Guys™ accept Medicare and most major insurance plans, however we do not accept Medicaid.

Category: Treatment for Vein Disease

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